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We're a crew of Tech Enthusiasts, Engineers, Apple Fanboys, Animal Lovers and above all else we believe in exceptional Customer Service.


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Meet The Crew

Brian Caleda

Mac Whisperer

We aren’t sure why he whispers to the Macs … seems to work.

Mharvir Boneza

Hardware Alchemist

Mharvir graduated with a degree in Information Technology from AMA Computer College and worked in customer service for 6 years; making him a professional in all forms of talk, small to large.

Tracey Nguyen

Customer Service Sensei

Tracey is iKnow’s administrative sensei (Please refer to her as sensei, master, or revered teacher). She joined iKnow in 2015 and has previously lived in Australia and the United States.

Yaya Nguyen

Director of First Impressions

Yaya, iknow don’t judge a book by its cover, right? Wrong. Yaya always gives a good first impression.

Phuc Le


The success of the iKnow team depends on the support each staff member gives to each other. But when you have someone like Phuc, phuc that! Who needs support?

Tai Nguyen

Junior Technician

Tai is in his junior year of Computer Science at Hutech Universtiy. He works in repairs, restoration, consulting, and sales. Tai is made to do most of the things that Brian feels he is too busy to do, poor lad.

Ivon Talaboc

Junior Technician

Gifted with perfectly sized hands to fix just about any electronic device, Ivon is the newest addition to iKnow’s tech department.

Phuong Anh

Head of Sourcing

Phuong Anh attended Hong Bang International University and now works as the head of sourcing at iKnow.

Hiep Nguyen

Chief Calculator Cruncher

Accounting in Vietnam can be tricky. However, ‘tricky’ is not in Hiep’s vocabulary.

Thao Nguyen

Countess of Counting

Thao is living, breathing proof that there is power in numbers.

Johnathan Hackenberg


Johnathan is the youngest member of the iKnow team. In his spare time, he’s a student at the Australian International School.

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